Creative, Mindful, Resourceful


Hey! Glad you found your way here.

I enjoy breaking problems down to their simplest forms and reconstructing them back up with a strong foundation. My design inspiration comes from the natural world all around us. I believe the best designs are a replication of the complex designs found in nature.

My mission aligns with those who:
1. want to protect our planet.
2. connect people & build communities.
3. use technology to help people grow.

My personal interests:
Music. tells me “61% of your tracks are danceable” and that “You’re all over the place. In the good way.”
In the best way honestly.
Plant Medicine.
Have a cough? Feeling down? I got a plant tincture for you teammate.


Wanna know the nitty gritty details of my work life. Click here for a copy of my resume.