Curiosity, led the cat to clarity

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 My life took a turn when I decided to leave Los angeles for my Peace Corps service in Ethiopia. That is where my real UX Design journey began. Peace Corps taught me that in order to create sustainable good design, I would have to first immerse myself in the community  In training I was taught to not expect to build anything until the second year of service. The first part should be spent understanding the needs and frustrations of the community. Second part, ideating and designing for sustainable change. 

General Assembly is where I learned the tools and terms to actually succeed as a UX Designer. With the best instructor any student could ask for, I learned how to ask better questions to get to the core of the problem, analyze data 1000 different ways, solve problems as a group, wireframe, prototype and present. 

Other things I spend my 24 hours on: travel. Empowering women. Taking photos specifically portraits, (all the photos on this site are my own) being still in nature, plant plants. write about what moves me, watch parks and rec and new shows my best friend tells me about. obsess over sacred GEOMETRY and meditate. 


this how you say Bukhtawer. 

It means good fortune. I know, it just rolls off the tongue doesn't it. 
You can call me Buk pronounced Buck, only after you can say my name 5 times really fast.
It's always love,