Curiosity... led the cat to clarity

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I am a Visual UX Designer who loves research
I am a nomad, writer/storyteller, photographer
lover above all things
I am forever changing
forever growing.

Design thinking is more than just work, it's my way of life.

"What does that even mean?"

We all have problems, some larger than others. Although it may take a while, I always find the core to the problems before trying to fix the wrong problems. Solving the right problem may take more time to think about but it will produce a better end result. Only then do I try coming up with multiple solutions for my problem.


this how you say Bukhtawer.

Buk-khh-ta-ver. Yea I say it with a V.
It means good fortune.
I know, it just rolls off the tongue doesn't it. You can call me Buk pronounced Buck, only after you can say my name 5 times really fast.
It's always love, Bukhtawer