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A Peace Corps Journey

Happy Birthday Sharmin + Updates

My soul sister. 

My soul sister. 

“I am your friend
A soul for your soul
A place for your life
Know this
Sun or water

Here or away
We are a lighthouse
we leave
and we stay.”

- Nayyirah Waheed

How could I not.. that poem will forever remind me of us.
Once in a blue moon you meet someone and you just know that everything about them is right. DC would have been so dull without you. Love you sooo much. Have the most blessed birthday, year, life, and afterlife. 

Updates: I'll be flying back to DC on the 7th of Jan, and will leave from DC to Ethiopia on the 12th to start my Peace Corps Training! 

My 6+ months of vacation is finally coming to an end and I might have learned a few things about myself and life. 

Home is truly where the heart is, and right now the heart is 5 different places. 
I don't think I learned anything beneficial in school, but I am truly thankful for my 1000 internships it led me to. 
The void in my heart is inescapable. I think I'll stop trying to fill it now. I believe it's there as a reminder that I will always need God. 
The best character in the office is no doubt Dwight, but Toby is not far behind. (better late than never) 
Changes in goverment happen really really slow. I recently learned the term "Red Tape" is not an exaggeration. 
I actually have a really good southern accent, and can easily fit-in in Alabama thanks to Sharmin. 
My first impressions have been off in the past couple of months... Sorry to those I judged, I love yall. 
Spotify premium is worth it. 100%.
I fall in love easily. Still don't know if that makes me weak. 
It's possible to miss a cat more than human beings. 
Holidays without family can be long and painful.
Kanye might be muslim. There's a video where he's lecturing a class and he says, "If you ask me how my daughter is doing? She's only doing good if your daughter is doing good." 
This is how the Ummah works. We are one, so if one of us is hurting, that means we are all hurting. 
The Flash on CW is so much better without Iris. 
Everything's better with the original Soul-Friends.
Oh and I have a Best Friend in Nashville.. who would've thought.....and it's her birthday. 

The Lincoln memorial at 2am is my special place in DC.
Belle Isle in Richmond.
Red Emma's in Baltimore.
The Cellar in Manhattan.
Prospect Park in Brooklyn.  
The Thai Food Truck outside of Sharmin's apartment in Nashville.
The Last Bookstore in LA.
The view from Steuart Tower, and driving the new bridge in SF
Again everything is better with soul-friends. 

Here are some of my favorite saved memories. <3 <3 

Love, B

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