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this amharican life

A Peace Corps Journey

My service as a Muslim-American.

I am a Muslim-Pakistani-American. People often don’t believe me when I tell them I am American. It's just not how they imagined an American, especially if it's the first they have seen. They think Islam doesn’t exist in America, that everyone loses their culture, their religion, their way of life once they get to the US. When they see the pictures of my friends with hijab, an abaya, they ask me, “Is she muslim? There are muslims? Is there mosques in America? Why do all Americans hate muslims?” I always find myself answering questions about Islam. Sometimes being quizzed on the Quran, the Sunnah to see if I actually understand my religion. 

This trip turns out to be more than what I thought I came here for. Yes, I represent Americans as a Peace Corps volunteer, but more specifically I am here representing the enormous and diverse community of Muslim Americans that many don’t even know exist. 

I often wonder why America is seen in such a light. Where did they get these ideas from? Why do all americans have to white and blonde in their eyes? And of-course the answer is an obvious one. 

The media is powerful, don’t ever just dismiss the news, the tv shows, the actors chosen, the commercials, the music on the radio. If they care about money, and they spent millions of their own on projects just for you to see a certain way, don’t take it lightly. Remember a movie is all made up and even the shortest clips like a photo on the wall in a 2 second scene is chosen with care. So if you watch, watch with an open eye. Words are powerful, they can change hearts, hear what they say on the news, but don’t automatically accept it as truth. 

As I show you all the truth about the incredibly beautiful people that live here, I am here showing Ethiopians the immensely diverse and beautiful country I come from, minus Donald Tump and his followers of-course. 

P.s. I'll update on the health related stuff I am doing soon. 



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