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Thank You All 100x and More

I have been wanting to thank everyone personally for pulling those 1k likes from I don’t know where. I obviously wouldn’t have won without your help, so a BIG THANKS to all those who helped me out! The reason you all aren’t getting personal texts is due to my shoddy internet the past couple of days. I have to stand at this specific spot and place my phone on the fence to get data, it’s usually not this bad. Actually It’s not all bad, little people come to keep me company from the other side of the fence. (See picture below) I shouldn’t have favorites, but hands down the two in the front are my favorite little people on the block. They come to my door, sing and dance, ask me for candy, until I can’t take it anymore and shut my door. A couple minutes later I open it and have to laugh because I let them get under my skin, and they laugh and sing even louder. I give them candy or just let them sing and dance until they run out of energy. But they have an infinite amount and only leave when the mom comes out with a stick telling them to stop bothering me. These kids are life.

So, I hadn’t been writing because I hadn’t been feeling like myself. My focus was foggy. A feeling of total confusion followed me like a shadow. Thankfully it was short-lived. I am back!

Even if I didn’t win, (but Alhumdulilah I did) the support and the kind words from all of you really put me back in my place. When I say I love you all, I mean it 100%. I keep yall in my heart and prayers.

Can’t wait to see my DC and LA fam InshAllah!

(Hopefully I can come down to LA too)  

Tightest hugs