Surprise.. I am back.

Oh, Hello.
I am back in LA. 

For all those about to ask, what happened? 
I got medically separated from the Peace Corps. Everything is good. Honestly, nothing to worry about. How do I feel about leaving? Hot and cold. Like the best chocolate molten lava cake served to me, but I had to share it with a group of people who eat way too fast. I’ll be back for more. A big, big thank you to Peace Corps for the taste. 

Here is my question, how do other volunteers adjust back to “This American Life” so quickly. The past year is starting to feel like a dream. Sorry, I may be hiding until I catch up on everything. I stepped in to LA to protestors yelling, “no wall no ban.” Is it just me or there is a permanent dark cloud over this whole country? On the bright side all my friends are woke AF right now. I am so impressed. Help me. 

Okay, two things.

  1. Electric - Alina Baraz ft. Khalid. Enjoy.
  2. For all those asking about Peace Corps:
    1. If you thought or thinking about it, I say do it. Yes, it’s different for everyone, and some people hate it and leave the second day. Thats fine. There’s some saying that goes like, “in a 100 years you will regret the things you didn’t do.” Something like that. Whatever it is, do the things you want to do weather it's peace corps or not. Don't be afraid, don't be basic and waste away your life. I’ll share some reasons why I support Peace Corps. (not in any particular order)
      1. The support group is phenomenal. The friends I made in peace corps aren’t going anywhere. They are the type of people that will share that last chocolate chip cookie they got in a care package with you just because you said you liked chocolate. Or listen to you talk about diarrhea for hours, and sit in a bus for a full day to come see you. They say it’s harder to make good friends as you get older. I think thats total garbage, I think you make better friends as you get older.
      2. And the friends you make love to travel. Yay for travel buddies. But first, let's find jobs.
      3. Peace Corps gives you an experience that no other organization can give you really. I saw Save The Children come to my town a few times, but no one lived in the village amongst the people. There is not enough personal connection with other international organizations and the people they want to work with from what I have seen. Also, it may seem like the work being done is really slow in Peace Corps, but it’s not really faster in any other organization. International development work in general takes lots of patience and time. 
      4. Being friends and having good relations with locals is actually part of the job. Sharing culture on my blog, also part of the job. Yea it was pretty cool.
      5. You will make an impact. I know I didn’t really execute a health project that I can say made a big impact, but I think I had an impact with the second and third goal. I definitely taught some people about Americans and vice versa. Spread some love and good vibes. Taught kids around my house the importance of school and tried to create a love for reading. (Other volunteers have made a big impact so don’t think you won’t. My service also ended earlier than I expected, so I can’t really comment on the first goal much, but I know others in Ethiopia are doing awesome sustainable projects).
      6. No matter where you are placed it is likely that you will be able to see the night sky better than in the states and it will put you in your place every single time. The universe is SOOOO BIG, but it's so easy to forget sometimes.
      7. You probably will learn a new language.

I feel like I left out a bunch of important information here. Message if you ever have questions about Peace Corps or anything really. 

Whats going to happen to this blog?
There will be more clarity, more photos and more storytelling. It will be good, trust me. If you have tips leave them in comments, emails, send with food, post-it notes on my nonexistent car. Telepathically send it, but through whatsapp. Annnd, since we are talking about whatsapp, new number which is my actually just my old California number. 818s and heartbreak. 

Oh you are feeling nice today? Here's what you can help me with.

  1. Finding a job. Need a photographer for your wedding? for your birthday party? for your portfolio? for fun? Holla! A henna artist? I gotchuuuu. Want me to design your website? design you a dress? a logo? organize your closet? need a personal stylist? Personal trainer? Seriously, hit me UP! 
  2. Where are the muslim men who cook and listen to hiphop? Just looking for one. Someone please create a map with locations. Actually if you pay me i'll do it.  
  3. I heard you want to look over my resume and give me tips on how to live life. Cool, i'll send it over just shoot me an email. I love you. 
  4. Who knows a good podcast that will update me on AMERICA? I already know Trumpcast and so far so good. How about you update me on everything over coffee? Please. 

Oh some of my pictures from traveling from last days in Ethiopia to first days in LA. 

Ethiopia winner octavio-1-5.jpg
Ethiopia winner octavio-1-3.jpg
Ethiopia winner octavio-1-4.jpg
Ethiopia to ATL to LA crew. I miss you guys so much.

Ethiopia to ATL to LA crew. I miss you guys so much.

These are so cool right? 

These are so cool right? 

oh hello sugar. 

oh hello sugar. 

Cool locals. <3

Cool locals. <3

Yea. I am back.