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this amharican life

A Peace Corps Journey

If you need help believing in God

Count the stars in the darkest part of the night
plant a seed and watch it grow
open your eyes
your ears
hear the cries of a mother giving birth
then see love and wonder in her eyes afterwards
ask your mother if she knew what you would look like before you came in to this world
swim west in a heavy river flowing east
stand outside in a thunder storm
watch the sun rise and set
notice your ego
feel your soul
see the light within you
let it warm you up
hold the hand of a dying person
ask the doctor to save them
fast. let hunger consume you
then break your fast with a glass of water
do math
understand the language of God
think about all those times you cried over someone who you thought you loved
how short sighted you were, but you were taken care of
listen to soul music
Mos Def, Common, Lauryn Hill, Badu, The Roots

and if this isn’t enough
talk to an intellectual atheist
then watch a believer in worship