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Everything Is Alive (iOS & Web)

Everything Is Alive

The idea:

Everything is alive is for the new plant parent. It allows the them to learn about the plant and keep track of their needs so they can thrive in their new homes.

Tools Used:

Figma & Flinto

Project Type:

Passion Project

The Problem

The plants are delivered in bad condition or don’t survive after certain number of days in home.


Once a plant comes in to a house environment, the instructions on how to feed and take care of the plant environment is sought after when the plant shows signs of death. The information provided isn’t clear, and not adaptable to each environment.

  • The wrong potting mix could be used

  • Over-watering is usually involved with house plants

  • ‘Killed them with kindness’

User Research

In-order to understand this new online experience, I first had to understand the traditional process of buying plants at a nursery. I mapped out an end-to end user journey of a typical plant buyer to understand their pain points and how the online market could solve more problems.

The red indicates problems in the process of buying plants from a local nursery.

User Journey - End to End.png
If you leave the instructions on how to tend them until last, then you need not bother – the plants will be dead.
— Plant Guru


Conducted user interviews with 5 participants who own house plants, have had plants die in their homes.

Persona #4.png
Persona #3.png

Research Insights

With some research on forums, and the people I spoke with I uncovered the main problems.

  1. Over watering, or killing plants with over care.

  2. Placed in an environment or pot that didn’t support healthy growth for the plant

  3. Every single plant was treated the same in the house.

Market Fit

In my market research, I found Rooted to be the more personable site closely similar to buying a plant from a local nursery. I found that what each of the plant sites was missing was a basic education and ways to keep track of plant needs on the site.

Some cool things I found that The Sill offered was a virtual 15 minute appointment with a plant guru to learn about care tips and more.

Amazon, which often had the lowest prices had reviews that varied greatly. I found people receiving dead plants over soaked plants to perfectly healthy cheap plants.


The Problem

The problem starts after the buyer gets the plant at home in good good condition but doesn’t remember how to take care of the plant.

The Solutions

The online Shop


Click here Figma Prototype

Landing Page

The Shop

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Added Feature

The Video Care Tips before buying the plant is an extra added feature so the user can know by reading as well as listening and watching it.

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Jackie just received an Aloe Vera plant from her friend Joselin who bought it from Everything is Alive.


Bukht Awer Search UX design UI

A good search defines if the user will be able to find what they are looking for.
In this design, the user is able to search what they are looking for by more than just the name of the plant.

Since Jackie knows the name of her plant, she searched for it directly.


Plant Details


For the UX, the plant details are laid out in a logical way. From my research, I uncovered that people needed to know a little more than just how much light and water a plant needs.

This is the basic layout of what details.

the Tracker

Edit the details of the plant in your garden. Plant parents said, they would like to know about lighting, water, soil and keep track of buds and growth for some.

Bukht Awer  UX Design UI Designer  - Track Plants

This is an on going project, so check back for more updates.

Feel free to send me an email for the most recent work on this app.