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Practice with great app wireframes

1. Design is not necessarily art. Good design is understood by everyone the same way, while art as something subjective. 

I am a new designer, there is no hiding it. Learning design is similar to learning anything else. When I started off as a Henna Artist, I saved hundreds of screenshots of henna designs on my pinterest account and copied them exactly. I watched videos of artists working and copied replicated their technique. 
Eventually, I learned the basics and started creating my own henna designs.

When I had writers block and couldn't think of a word to express myself, I would take out a excerpt from a loved author of mine and copy every word on paper. Copying is a way to try and understand what another was thinking when they were creating. I know that when I am ready to create, my product will never be exactly like anything else, because I am a unique individual. 

As a beginner UX Designer looking for a job, sometimes I spend my time going through my favorite apps eg: Spotify, Instagram and wireframing my most used screens. I definitely feel like I am using my time efficiently when I do this. 

IMG_2994 2.JPG

Lessons learned:
A lot more can fit on a screen than I normally put on there when designing.
Fonts can be much smaller. 
known icons can be extremely small and still be recognizable

Share your favorite apps with me so I can wireframe them. 
Keep on creating.


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